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About Us

Information about our Shire, our Kingdom, and the SCA

About The Shire

The Shire of Nahrun Kabirun is the Las Cruces, New Mexico, chapter of Society for Creative Anachronism, an international, non-profit educational organization devoted to the study and re-creation of the fun parts of the Middle Ages (pre-17th century).

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Join Us

Would you like to join in the fun? Here's how!

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Newcomers' FAQ

Frequently asked questions (and answers!) for newcomers

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Armored combat (heavy fighting)

Have you ever watched movies of knights on the battlefield swinging swords and hacking away at their opponents? Have you ever thought that you would enjoy doing that very same thing? If so, then Heavy Fighting in the SCA is for you!

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Target archery and combat archery are another aspect of SCA's historical re-creation.

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Rapier Combat

Light Fighting and Weaponry

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Arts and Sciences

Fighting is not the only activity offered in the SCA, although it's the most visible. Arts and Sciences (A&S) encompasses everything having to do with day-to-day life in the Middle Ages.

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