About our Shire

The Shire of Nahrun Kabirun is the Las Cruces, New Mexico, chapter of Society for Creative Anachronism, an international, non-profit educational organization devoted to the study and re-creation of the fun parts of the Middle Ages (pre-17th century). The world of the SCA is divided into regions called Kingdoms. Nahrun Kabirun is part of the Kingdom of the Outlands which encompasses all of New Mexico, most of Colorado, and parts of Wyoming, Nebraska, and Texas.

What do we do?

As participants in the SCA, our Shire enjoys a wide variety of fun and educational activities for all ages, which typically fall into three categories:

  • Martial activities such as heavy armored combat, light rapier combat, archery, and thrown weapons.
  • Arts and sciences such as sewing, leatherwork, cooking, brewing, music, calligraphy, and heraldry.
  • Service such as educational demonstrations, community outreach, event management, and serving in Shire and Kingdom offices.

Those are just a few examples – the possibilities are limited only by history and imagination. If something was done in the Middle Ages, then it’s very likely that same thing is being re-created in the SCA today… or waiting for you to re-create it!

How can you join?

We meet weekly for combat practice, archery practice, and arts & sciences workshops. We also hold several events annually, including our big public demo at the Las Cruces Renaissance ArtsFaire each November. Check our calendar for the next meeting or event near you, and if you’d like to join us, well… join us!

Paid SCA membership is not a requirement for participation, but larger events usually charge a small fee to support the cost of the event. Meetings and practices are always free!

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