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Target archery and combat archery are another aspect of SCA's historical re-creation.

BryceArchery is the only form that can be enjoyed and re-created with 100% accuracy according to its use in the period style (pre-1600)-though that is for target archery only. Combat archery is different, because we don't want to hurt anyone.

In our Shire and in the surrounding areas, we have archers shooting all forms of SCA archery: period bows, period crossbows, traditional recurve, and single-string crossbows. Many of our members construct their equipment as it would have been in the Middle Ages, making handmade bows, arrows, strings, and more. Others take part in combat archery, which is an activity where armored archers shoot padded arrows at other armored fighters in SCA combat situations.

Archers in the SCA can earn many awards, for skill, service, knowledge, and/or expertise in the field of archery. Both target archery and combat archery continue to grow in popularity. Archery scores can be found at the Outlands Archery Scores page.

Loaner Equipment

The Shire has very limited loaner equipment available. Due to this, those members loaning equipment to perspective and current members interested in archery reserve the right to ask for fees to help offset the cost of equipment replacement.