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2018 Collegium De Nahrunia Lunch Menu

Welcome to the Bazaar of Nahrun Kabirun! As you find respite from the heat and the wonders of the Collegium de Nahrunia follow your stomach to our glorious stalls!

Let the tastes and aromas of the crossroads entice you as we serve dishes hot and cold from across the worlde.

  • Beef Mechoui-Roasted Beefe, Smoked and Sliced
  • Breads, Cheeses, and Accompaniments 
  • Sfiha and Kretopita-Various Hand Pyes and Pasties
  • Grilled Sausages
  • Pease Pottage Hot
  • Gazpacho Andaluz
  • Roasted and Grilled Producere 
  • Various Teas
  • A mixture of Small Cakes and Delights