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Archery practice cancellations

Our Captain of Archers has announced that archery practices are canceled for the next four weeks...

Sorry that I've been MIA, but this is my first weekend off since Christmas. And I really need to tend to some things. I've listed 4 weeks below for Archery. These are cancellations.

There will be NO Archery for the following weekends;

  • January 14th - No Archery
  • January 21st - No Archery. We will be supporting our friends at 12th Night in Citadel. Please support this event.
  • January 28th - No Archery. Your COA works
  • February 4th - No Archery. Will be traveling to St.Golias War Practice. Combat archers, bring your gear.

Thank you for understanding.

Lord Bryce, COA