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Dominus Marcus Artorius Drustanus, for Seneschal, June 2018

Ave unto the populace.

I, Dominus Marcus Artorius Drustanus, do hereby formally present my intent to run for Legatus of the Province of Nahrun Kabirun. I believe that my skills in leadership, conflict resolution, and mediation will lend themselves greatly to my position. Additionally, I feel that my five years of working with the shire has provided me with an understanding of the needs and culture of our shire. For me, the SCA is a family and I would especially like to see the continued growth of our community.

As seneschal, I will have several goals. Firstly, is to continue to foster a sense of community and growth within our shire. Second, I would like to support any efforts to fill any vacant officer positions as well as encourage people to take on officer roles. Third, I would like to support the implementation of the Sergeants program. This program will help both new and established members of the shire build up a well-rounded SCA resume. And finally, I aim to both support and or implement the incorporation of more community service projects into the shire such as going to elementary schools and nursing homes.

Pax tecum,