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Jennivere Marjeta, for Arts and Sciences Minister, June 2018

Unto the Populace of Nahrun Kabirun, my chosen family, I, Jennivere Marjeta, come before you to beg your indulgence in my bid for the office of A&S within the Shire of Nahrun.

Although I have only been a member of the Shire for 2 short years, I have endeavored to be a contributing member of the Shire and support the Shire in all things, within my abilities. I have served on the decorating committee for Coronation, acted as autocrat for Clann Wars, brought additional merchants to our events, and currently, serve as deputy A&S officer under the tutelage of Lady Idunn Hallsdottir.

I hope to continue the work Lady Idunn and I have begun of offering A&S classes and activities at every A&S night and bringing an A&S event to Nahrun.  

Our membership is our future. My goals, if elected into office, will be to advance A&S as a recruiting avenue for the Shire and the Society through educational demos, participation in recruiting events, and encouragement of the Arts & Sciences in words and deeds. I hope to encourage our budding artisans to perfect their arts through friendly competitions and opportunities to display their creations. 

My final, and most important goal, is to immediately find a deputy who shares my vision to assist me to make it a reality and someone who can learn, grow, and continue A&S within the Shire when my appointment is concluded.  

If you find it within your hearts and minds to support my vision, I pledge to serve honorably and without prejudice to ensure A&S in Nahrun Kabirun continues to support the Dream we live.

Yours In Arts & Service – 

Jennivere Marjeta