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Lady Dragoslava, for Chronicler, June 2018

My Lords and Ladies of The Shire,

I am Lady Dragoslava, and I am speaking to you this day to put in my intent as Chronicler for the Shire of Nahrun Kabirun. Though I have only been in the Shire and the SCA for about four years now, I have been an active member all through that time. Before I officially moved down to the Shire, I would sharpen my skills in Archery, attend some of the Arts and Sciences functions and appear at their Fighter Practices in Al-Barran. When I was studying in the far away lands of Drachenwald, I happened across the populous from the Canton of Two Seas, and attended several of their functions. I go to the fighter practices of the Shire, I attend Archery Practice, I appear at almost every Arts and Sciences function that the Shire offers. Though I don’t do many of the classes themselves, I still listen in and pay attention to what the classes are. I am also not a stranger to the Arts and Sciences world either, being the A&S coordinator for the past two Siege of the Cities. I was the A&S coordinator for this last Clan Wars, as well as Autocrat. I have submitted countless scrolls to the Kingdom as Awards. I held the position of Deputy Rapier Marshall when I first started the SCA and I was the Rapier Marshall the Year after that. I go to Citadel when I am not working. I go to Armor workshop when life doesn’t get in the way. I have shown my dedication to the shire and to the SCA by helping as much as I can when I not only have work, but school as well.  

Now, enough has been said about me. The main question here is, how am I going to make the Bard different from how it is now? The SCA is not just about Arts and Sciences. There are more aspects to it that needs to be included in the Bard. While the current Bard does have fascinating articles that are enjoyable to read, it doesn’t really cover the many different facets of the SCA. The Bard is our Newsletter, and a good journalist is always on the field, gathering information. Not only should the Bard include articles on fascinating ways to make a loaf, or songs of old, but also about the physical side of the SCA. At the last fighter practice, we had five new fighters show up and enough rapier fighters to actually duel. These are things that the Bard should include. Everyone here is proud to be involved with the Shire. If you weren’t you wouldn’t come to our functions. You are here because you want to make the Shire better, and I want to make sure that everyone in the Shire, active or not, knows about how we made Nahrun Kabirun something the Kingdom should revere. 

I am aware that there are certain rules I must abide by, and if I were to get the position, you will see a whole new interest in reading the Bard. I am very proud to be so involved in a group of wonderful people, that I can’t just let our many, many triumphs disappear in time, and no one there to tell about it.  

I thank everyone here for listening to my plea, and I hope you decide that I am worthy enough to take the position as Chronicler.

Yours in Service,

Lady Dragoslava