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The Honorable Lady Suzanna Jewell, for Chronicler, June 2018


This is my letter of intent for Nahrun Kabirun Chronicler. I have been in the SCA 37 plus years living first in the Citadel of the Southern Pass then moving to Nahrun Kabirun. My awards from the SCA are Flower-the Outlands, Argent Hart- Outlands, Leaping Stag-Atenvelt, Astrum Australia’s-Citdadel of the Southern Pass, Award of Arms, and Grail of Grace-Atenveldt. 

While in the Citadel I served as A&S officer, Chronicler, Combat Archer, and Seneschal. I was event steward of fighting tourneys, feasts, and A&S events. I worked very hard in the elevation of the Citadel from Shire to Barony but alas a knight from Nahrun caught my eye and I joined him. During that time I focused on the arts. 

The offices I held in Nahrun Kabirun were Chronicler, A&S, and started a page school within the public school system. I was event steward of feasts, fighting tourneys, and demos. My three favorite things were creating the Medieval Village with the Dona Ana Arts Council for the Renn Fair, Page School, and the Robin Hood Maid Marion Event (over night event within the city of Las Cruces.) 

As time has gone by my focus has narrowed down to teaching and graphic arts. That is why I have created a Medieval School that will be active in cooler months ( traveling in the summer teaching and learning.) I’ve been working on “Planting Seeds to Create Flowers” since January. Sir Creon, his wife Carla, Master David-Hardin Brown, and Aoife will be teaching on this 2 day event.

I’m interested in being the chronicler so I could showcase all the wonderful things happening in our Shire. Thank you for consideration.

THL Suzanna Jewell

Kingdom Seneschal 
Deputy Seneschal 
Kingdom Chronicler
Local Seneschal 
Local Chronicler