Shire Officers

Here is a list of our Shire officers, the volunteers who lead the various aspects of our group’s activities:


The Seneschal is the legal representative of the Shire, leading Shire business meetings and ensuring that Shire activities are conducted in accordance with SCA Corpora (the Society’s governing document) and  Kingdom law, as well as modern local, state, and federal laws.

The office of Seneschal is currently held by: Lady Gianina The Wanderer

The Seneschal contact address is:


The Chatelaine is Shire’s public relations officer, handling public outreach, coordinating educational demonstrations, and assisting new members as they start their SCA journey.

The office of Chatelaine is currently held by: Lord John Wryght

The Chatelaine contact address is:


The Exchequer oversees the Shire’s financial assets, including the deposits of collected event fees, management of the Shire budget, and financial reporting to the Kingdom.

The office of Exchequer is currently held by: Beckie Clawson

The Exchequer contact address is:

Knight Marshal

The Knight Marshal oversees combat activities within the Shire, including armored (heavy) fighting, rapier (light) fighting, and (alongside the Captain of Archers) combat archery.

The office of Knight Marshal is currently held by: Lord Oleg Schwinghammer

The Knight Marshal contact address is:

Captain of Archers

The Captain of Archers oversees the Shire’s archery activities, including both target archery and (alongside the Knight Marshal) combat archery.

The office of Captain of Archers is currently held by: Lord Bryce MacManus

The Captain of Archers contact address is:

Minister of Arts and Sciences

The Minister of Arts and Sciences leads our Shire’s A&S activities, organizing competitions, displays, and classes, and encouraging all members of the Shire to enrich the group with their own projects and skills.

The office of Minister of A&S is currently held by: Guinevere inghean Ui Áinle

The Minister of A&S contact address is:


The Chronicler is responsible for the design, publication, and distribution of The Bard, our Shire’s periodic newsletter.

The office of Chronicler is currently held by: Lady Dragoslava

The  Chronicler contact address is:


The Herald oversees heraldic activities in the Shire, assisting members with the creation and registration of names and arms, encouraging heraldic display at events, and heralding at our tournaments and events.

The office of Herald is currently held by: Angharad Haldene

The Herald contact address is:


The Webminister manages the Shire’s internet presence on the web and social media.

The office of Webminister is currently held by: Vacant

The webminister contact address is: